Homeschool Assignment Chart


I designed this homeschool assignment chart to help my child be more motivated and self-driven at completing assignments.

assignment chart

He was motivated using this chart because he could see EXACTLY what assignments he had, and he enjoyed checking off things as he went.  The numbers 1-10 on the bottom are where I write the spelling words for the week.  I like giving spelling tests because it gets my child used to taking tests.  Test taking is a part of life– for getting into college, for obtaining credentials, for work requirements, etc.  If I did not require him to take tests as a part of homeschooling, I think I would be failing to adequately prepare him for adulthood.

This might also give you an idea of what we cover in homeschooling.  Sometimes when you’re just starting off with homeschooling, its hard to know what to cover.

You can use this chart, or use it as inspiration to make your own based on your specific needs.  Here is a Word version of the chart that you can save to your computer and edit:

assignment chart


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