Incorporating God into my kids’ lives


Over the past few months, my kids and I have been listening to “Scripture Scouts” in the car, everywhere we go.  These are stories and songs that tell and explain scripture stories.  The songs are really catchy, and even our toddler is starting to learn and sing them!  Here is their website where you can listen to some of their songs.  And you can purchase their CDs or MP3 downloads at Deseret Book.  I highly recommend it (and they didn’t pay me to say that!).

I also just learned about Seeds Family Worship.  These are short videos and songs of scripture verses that can help kids (or adults) memorize scripture passages.  I think we’ll try to learn one each week as a family.  It is important for us all to have something our minds can go to when we are faced with temptation or if we are struggling.  Having good passages to recall by memory will be wonderful.  Seeds Family Worship sells CDs with their music on their website, but there are also quite a few songs available for free on their Seeds Family Worship YouTube Channel.


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