Steps to Clean a Bathroom


My 8 year old is in charge of cleaning the kids’ bathroom every Wednesday.  I have gone through cleaning it with him several times, but realized that he would also need some type of checklist to help him learn and remember how to get every nook and cranny.  When he started cleaning the bathroom a couple of years ago, he was still a beginner reader… so I put together a picture checklist for him so he could more independently accomplish his chore!

Steps to Clean the Bathroom

About holyoakfamily

I’m a mom of 8 who likes to stay active physically and mentally. My favorite things are snuggling my babies and eating chocolate. I love to go on long walks every day, listening to an audiobook or chatting with my mom or best friend as I walk. I spend most of my time keeping the house clean and the kids fed. But in the free time I carve out, I also enjoy planning trips, blogging, and cross-stitching.

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