Why use cloth diapers?

  • Saves money
  • Less waste
  • No last-minute trips to the store
  • Great for potty training
  • Cute!

What exactly do I need in my “stash”?

  • 12-25 diapers (fewer means more frequent laundry, and more wear and tear on the diapers so they may need to be replaced more often– elastics do “relax” with time and use)
  • Inserts (sometimes they are sold separately… make sure you check!)
  • Large diaper pail with washable liner
  • Small wet bag (for the diaper bag)
  • Diaper sprayer (optional, but makes clean up MUCH easier)
  • Detergent (a “cloth diaper safe” detergent with a clean rinsing formula)
  • Clothesline (optional, but will make your diapers last longer and save $$)

How do I wash them?

  1. Cold Rinse
  2. Add detergent and wash HOT
  3. Extra (cold) rinse

The diapers from exclusively breast-fed babies can just be thrown into your diaper pail and washed! Once baby starts solids, you’ll need to pre-rinse the diapers (this is where the diaper sprayer comes in really handy).

Does this really save money?

Disposables cost around ($0.20/each) x (6 diapers/day) x 30 days = $36/month

Cloth diapers may cost around ($12/each) x (12 diapers) = $144 TOTAL

This means, that after about four months you will break even! (So you will need to stick with it for awhile to see a cost savings).

Other tidbits of advice:

“Relax and understand it’s way easier than you’d think.. no safety pins or cloth soaking in the toilet bowl. There are a couple of different brands out there, you have to decide what kind you want to deal with – kinds that grow as the baby does or a specific size that the baby outgrows and must be replaced. Snap vs. Velcro…also, there are lots of used diapers out there that can be great to start out and decide what kind you want to use, but if you have a new baby, it’d be worth it to start new (once you know what you want). And the more diapers you have, the less use each one will have, so the better they’ll hold up over the long run. (I’d say 18-24 diapers is ideal.) My favorite is Bumgenius”. –Jill Syphert

Don’t underestimate the power of the sun! Drying in the sun = stain-free diapers   (Plus it is more economical, too!). – Rebecca Holyoak


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