Teachers of Christ FHE Relief Society Meeting

Recently we had an awesome Relief Society activity that focused on teaching others about Christ.  I thought this would be PERFECT, because the church just celebrated 100 years of FHE and school is starting soon (so it goes along with the theme of the month for many women).
Here is the invitation I made:
Teachers of Christ
I always make my invitations using PowerPoint.  I usually find pictures on Google for my background, and then just add text on top of them.  Here is the PowerPoint version that you can edit: invites to print
Set up for the activity was pretty easy.  I set up 50 chairs in a semi-circle in the cultural hall.  I put up a table for refreshments, and three tables in the back of the cultural hall (one with the supplies for “FHE in a Jar”, one with supplies for the singing signs, and an extra table to work on).
Then I pulled a chalkboard into the gym area and wrote down the agenda:
Welcome to Relief Society Meeting FHE Style
  • Opening Prayer
  • Opening Song– “Give Said the Little Stream”
  • Welcome– I read aloud the letter from the First Presidency when FHE was first introduced to the church.  Everyone really enjoyed listening to this.  I added a few remarks about how we can still receive the same benefits from FHE today, 100 years later!
  • Lesson–
    • Sister Missionaries (using “Preach My Gospel”, and how to answer questions people may ask)
    • Ward Mission Leader (easy ways to share the gospel with friends and acquaintances)
    • 2nd Counselor of RS Presidency (how we can teach others of Christ through service)
  • Closing Prayer
  • Refreshments (I had everyone bring their favorite FHE treat to share) and
  • Activity (assemble FHE in a jar– cut out strips and curl them around a pencil to put into a mason jar; color singing signs and laminate them)

Here are copies of the “FHE in a jar” strips that I made (using various resources):

FHE in a jar

And here are the lovely singing signs that I made.  I traced some of the signs from ones I got when I was a little girl 20 years ago!  (I don’t know who to give credit to for those).  The sit/stand sign I drew myself.

IMG_2730 IMG_2731

Supplies that will need to be purchased–
  • Laminator sheets ($10 for a pack of 100 on Amazon; I bought this off-brand but really liked it); make sure to have a laminator at the activity
  • Popsicle sticks (a few dollars at Walmart)
  • Colored Paper ($11 on Amazon, I was really impressed with this paper) to print FHE in a jar– print each page a different color
  • Quart sized mason jars (around $10 for 12– I bought 24 jars, which was about right)

So here is what the crafts look like:


Most ladies stayed 45 minutes after the activity ended!  I think it was a very successful activity.

Total cost= $45

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