“Make Lemonade out of Lemons” Relief Society Meeting Activity

Optimism and Resiliency are so crucial in life, because we all go through struggles, heartache, and difficulties.  Rather than getting bogged down and depressed every time things aren’t going our way, we should view it as a learning opportunity.  Easier said than done though.  I’ve gone through some difficult trials (a divorce, two consecutive miscarriages, struggling to stay afloat housework and homeschooling and toddlers), and I was more angry than excited for a challenge.  So I actually chose this theme because it is something I really needed to hear.  But I also realize that not everybody has an attitude problem like me, so I also wanted to tie in something less heavy and more fun into the meeting… turning trash into treasure!
Here is the poster I made to advertise our activity:
With my activities committee, we brainstormed sisters in our ward who we think demonstrate amazing amounts of optimism and resiliency.  I emailed three of them and asked if they would be willing to give a short talk to the sisters about how they made the choice to be happy, despite trials they have endured.
Our hour-long meeting went like this:
  • Welcome, Opening Prayer
  • Refreshments!  (We had lemon bars, lemon cookies, lemon bundt cake, and lemonade).  I gave about 5 minutes for the sisters to grab a plate of food and return to their seats for the lesson portion.  (This gave adequate time for stragglers to come in before we got to the “meat” of the evening).
  • Introduction of Speakers
  • Attitude— Short Talks (5-10 minutes each) from three sisters about making the choice to be happy and endure faithfully, despite trials and setbacks (we tried to choose people with diverse hardships)
    • One sister has six kids, homeschools, AND her husband is Bishop (her life is crazier than mine!)
    • One sister had a very rough childhood– in and out of foster care
    • One sister suffers from chronic pain and many physical ailments
  • Material Possessions— Upcycling t-shirts (you can turn an old worn t-shirt into a headband, scarf, apron, bag, necklace, pretty braided rug, baby nightgown, etc.  And you can make plain t-shirts more classy by making small changes to them)
    • A super crafty sister did a demo and showed off some of her up-cycled t-shirt creations (10-15 minutes)
  • Thank you to presenters; Closing Prayer

Our decorations were pretty simple, but were perfect!  We strung ribbon down the gym (from basketball hoop to basketball hoop) and tied big yellow balloons (which resembled lemons) to it.  I also printed out these at Costco on photo paper to put at each place setting (I found these online somewhere… geez I really need to cite things properly, sorry!):

lemonade handout copy

We had table cloths on the dessert table, and labeled all the desserts on little chalkboard signs.  Seriously, it was easy and just enough to look nice.

This activity cost around $30 (paying for the refreshments).


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