A day in the life of my toddler


Our 3-year-old has become a bit of a disaster… he dumps toys and won’t clean them up.  He runs from activity to activity. He whines and cries at me.  Today it dawned on me that he would probably really benefit from a visual schedule.  Although we basically go through the same routine every day, perhaps he doesn’t know what is coming next. KNOWING what to expect helps everyone feel more calm and happy.

So tonight after I put the kids to bed, I wrote out his schedule:calvin schedule

Each activity for a child this age generally lasts 3o minutes (or less).  Except going for walks and playing outside.  My boys could play outside for HOURS and never get bored.

In the “read with mom or outing” part of the schedule, I take him to a library story time once per week, and also to a community play group once per week.

Crossing my fingers this will help us all out!


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