Behavior Bucks (2016 edition)


Every year I revise our Behavior Bucks and print off a new set.  After going through the kids’ hands, pockets, laundry, etc for a year, they begin to get quite worn.

I enjoy designing a new Behavior Buck each year, and the kids enjoy receiving the new edition (although we continue to use and accept all previous years of Behavior Bucks– but as time goes on I destroy the ones that become too worn).

I make the Behavior Bucks measure exactly equal to that of a U.S. dollar bill (2.61 inches wide x 6.14 inches long); this way they can stash their Behavior Bucks in any regular wallet!

So here is the unveiling of our 2016 Behavior Bucks!!!

Behavior Bucks 2016 (1)

I got the cute “Choose the Right” emblem from  She has so many cute illustrations!  I wish I had her talent…

I particularly like the CTR/RTC acronym– if we strive to CTR (Choose the Right), then, through the atonement of Christ, we can RTC (Return to Christ).  Cause and effect!

And here is a PDF of them (I fit 3 Behavior Bucks per sheet of paper, and make some of them worth $1 and some worth $5)  Behavior Bucks 2016


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