I am a wife and mom who is constantly trying to find ways to streamline homemaking and improve my parenting.  I made this blog as a collection of things I have created in hopes that they will help others on their journey through motherhood and homemaking!



Follow my ideas and suggestions at your own pleasure or risk.  I do not have any training in organization, and I cannot say with any surety that my parenting methods will result in emotionally secure adults.  I also truly am not as crafty or organized as I may appear.

What am I then?  Well, I am a college graduate (go BYU!!).  And I am a real-life certified, “highly qualified”teacher, so my teaching ideas are usually research-founded (but not always).  I am also an avid volunteer, having served as a Cub Scout den leader, LDS Primary 2nd Counselor, LDS Relief Society Meeting Committee Chairperson, a co-op teacher, and a Key Spouse in the Air Force.

I have lived all over the world and love to pull ideas from wherever I go and whatever I read.  I love putting together and sharing all my ideas with others for free, because really… we shouldn’t all have to “reinvent the wheel” and there are plenty of good ideas to go around!

Disclaimer: I can put together beautiful worksheets and posters, but I am definitely not an artist.  All the artwork that I have incorporated is courtesy of the free artwork I have found using Google.  A HUGE thank you to all the artistically talented people who share their work online!

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